Functional spaces are not always blessed with ornate romantic architecture, but Woolwich Town Hall in Greenwich is an absolute exception. This grand listed building intertwines 20th century details with modern amenities to host a flawless ceremony with a capacity from 40 up to 150 guests. Inside, the impressive Victoria Hall creates a real impression as you step through the colonnaded entrance. Its polished monochrome tiles, blush pink ceiling domes, red velvet split staircase and stained glass windows by Geoffrey Webb mingle to present a venue worthy of Royal attendance. 

Woolwich Town Hall is located on Wellington Street, which is very close to Woolwich Arsenal train station, and the fitting ‘Love Lane’ is tucked behind the grand Victorian building. As well as the pretty venue spaces inside, the iconic Greenwich Park is a ten minute drive away. On route to your reception space, this outdoor space is a picturesque stop off to collect photographic memories of your wedding day. Find our recommended collection of other ceremony and reception venues in Greenwich below.

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